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Welcome to St Andrew's Music Festival

Gavin Usher, Artistic Director for Sheffield Arts Studio, at a previous event at St Andrew's Church.

I am incredibly excited and humbled to be taking on this year’s music festival at the charming and intimate St Andrew’s Church, Psalter Lane.I hope the festival brings a fitting blend of tradition along with new aspects and ideas that epitomise what we champion at Sheffield Arts Studio. Inevitably there have been a few changes to the festival but I hope nothing that will undo the past successes delivered by Ray, of whom I am eternally grateful not only for trusting me with the festival but also for his help and guidance moving forwards.


This year we have tried to make sure that there is a way for anyone to access and enjoy the festival to the fullest. We have our first family concerts showcasing Saint-Saens charming Carnival of the Animals. We are especially proud that the second concert will be a “relaxed” performance which aims to encourage attendance from those with autism or any other mental or physical disability who might normally shy away from formal settings. We also have two performances that are “pay what you can”. This means that if you can’t even afford to pay a penny you should not be put off from attending these performances. For all information on ticket prices and how to book please see the Events page.

Finally I would just like to say that I hope to see as many of you at this years festival as possible and I hope that it brings fun, inspiration and above all joy to those able to come along!

Gavin Usher

Artistic Director; Sheffield Arts Studio

St Andrew's Music Festival Programme of Events 2023

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